NutriVance Performs Well in a Canadian Nursery Trial

NutriVance is a new soy protein concentrate ingredient that was initially introduced in Canada in late 2015.  NutriVance was designed to provide highly digestible protein and amino acids with a special focus on reducing the anti-nutritional factors commonly found in soy products.  It is used mainly as a fishmeal or soy protein alternative product in nursery feeds for swine as well as aquaculture diets.  In addition to trials at the University of Minnesota, University of Illinois and a commercial nursery trial in Missouri, NutriVance has recently been tested in a commercial research facility in Canada.

A 49 day nursery trial was completed over July and August 2016 at a commercial nursery facility in the province of Quebec.  NutriVance and two other soy protein sources were compared for growth and feed efficiency.  NutriVance was used at 9% in the phase 1 diet for the first 10 days post-weaning and at 3% in phase 2 diet up to 21 days post-weaning.  The high quality soy proteins used in the trial performed similarly or equal to each other with NutriVance having the best economic benefit on cost of gain.  A full trial report will be available in the coming weeks.