MooFAT DAIRY Receives Canadian Regulatory Approval

MooFAT DAIRY has recently been given a registration by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as an ENERGY SUPPLEMENT for Dairy Cows.  MooFAT DAIRY is a dry fractionated RBD Palm Stearin based ingredient produced at a GMP+ Certified production plant in Malaysia.  MooFAT is produced and delivered as a non-powder prilled form in 25 KG & 650 KG bags.

MooFAT is specifically designed to provide energy and important fatty acids including a high percentage of C16:0 to high producing dairy cow rations.  Appropriate feeding rates will depend on several factors including the type of dairy cow, the level of dietary energy, as well as the amount of milk produced and the stage of lactation.  MooFAT is used as part of an overall ration management program.  Please consult your on farm nutrition consultant for maximum benefits of feeding MooFAT DAIRY.

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