CHED R VANCE Offers the Latest Formulation Option for Starter Diets

A new ingredient has been registered by Agribution Canada Ltd for use in livestock feeds.  CHED R VANCE combines sources of quality cheese products and a specialty soy based ingredient to create the latest advancement in milk and soy based nutrition.

CHED R VANCE is rich in amino acids and easy to assimilate energy sources for newly weaned piglets and calves.  CHED R VANCE delivers a minimum 40% protein and 20% fat in a palatable consistent powder form.  Suitably replace the protein portion of whey products, skim milk products and higher cost fat and oil sources in starter diets.  CHED R VANCE is an ideal milk and fat based nutrient source.

Product packaging is available in 25 KG bags and 1000 KG bags.

For more information and nutrient specification details, please contact Agribution at to receive information and a product sample.