OptiCell® Fibre Concentrate Now Available in Canada

Agribution is pleased to introduce OptiCell®, a fibre concentrate from insoluble, fermentable lignocellulose.

OptiCell® provides a natural solution with several animal diet formulation advantages, comprised of micronized fibre originating from tree trunk, including cambium and bark.  Proportions of insoluble and fermentable fibre support the physiological effects that promote the formation of short-chain-fatty-acids, especially butyric acid. 

For decades, the focus has been on improving the digestibility of nutrients in the small intestine for the necessary supply of nutrients.  Lost in priority has been the concept of feeding insoluble, fermentable fibre.  With OptiCell® you can focus on basic digestive concepts with an innovative lignocellulose product that supports the physiological needs of animals and the challenges of performance-based feeding.

Functional fibre helps to ensure the development of a healthy digestive system, regulating intestinal peristalsis, and promoting healthy microflora.  It is well documented that a well-functioning gut reduces animal stress, while optimizing performance and productivity.

OptiCell® – Fibre for a functional digestion