Why Choose Basic Copper Chloride?

Used worldwide, Basic Copper Chloride is a safe and bioavailable source of copper ideal for livestock. Combating complications commonly associated with other forms of copper, Basic Copper Chloride can help solve problems associated with oxidation, discolouration, caking, and nutrient loss in feeds and premixes.

Our innovative source of Basic Copper Chloride means animal nutrition professionals can reduce their cost and lower the risk of environmental contamination.

If you’re looking for an alternative copper source to advance animal nutrition for your livestock in Canada, Basic Copper Chloride supplied by Agribution is produced by our trusted supply partner with globally recognized FAMI-QS, HACCP and CNAS quality systems and certifications in place.

Basic Copper Chloride Overview

Basic Copper Chloride offers a range of features and benefits, including:

  • Superior quality characteristics
  • Dark green crystalized granulated particles
  • 58% min. Copper (Cu), Molecular weight: 213.57
  • Chemical formuala: Cu2(OH)3Cl
Feed Type Inclusion Rate ( kg / m.t.) Copper Level (mg / kg)
Premix 1.73 1000
Supplement 0.087 50

*This product is intended solely for the purpose of meeting the nutritional copper requirements of livestock. Consult a nutrition professional to establish appropriate feeding levels.