Why Choose Cibus 21?

Cibus 21 is a flavour and attractant designed to enhance the taste, aroma, and attractiveness of pelleted feeds for dairy cows and young ruminants.  Optimizing the feed intake of dairy cows is essential, ensuring that the attractiveness of the dairy ration is an integral part of the overall feed strategy.

Cibus 21 helps the overall diet create a positive association between odour and feed, helping to stimulate consumption — ideally suited for dairy production systems that use robotic milking systems where a feed pellet is fed.

Utilizing Red Fruit Flavour,  Cibus 21 is an ideal addition to pelleted dairy rations.

Cibus 21 can also be used in pelleted piglet feeds as well.

Cibus 21 Overview

Cibus 21 offers a range of features and benefits, including:

● Enhanced attractiveness, taste, and aroma with enticing Red Fruit Flavour
● Reduces the chance of alarm reactions to feed formulation changes
● Develops positive psychological association between aroma and feed to prompt optimal consumption

Recommended Usage Table

Species Feeding Rate ( grams / m.t.) Feeding Strategy
Calf 400 Pelleted Calf Starters
Dairy Cows 400 Pelleted Robot Feeds
Pelleted Dairy Rations
Piglets 400 Pelleted Swine Starters