Why Choose Cibus 29?

Cibus 29 is a flavour designed to enhance the aroma and overall attractiveness of feeds for young animal diets. Cibus 29 helps ensure that young animals have a positive association with their feed.

Cibus 29 delivers a pleasant Red Fruit Flavour to encourage this positive association. By doing so, the appetite of young animals is stimulated, and in turn, feed consumption can be optimized.

Cibus 29 offers a flexible use case with an ability to be used in a wide range of pelleted or non-pelleted feeds for young animals livestock.

Cibus 29 Overview

Cibus 29 offers a range of features and benefits, including:

● Enhanced attractiveness and aromatic profile with Red Fruit Flavour
● Reduces the chance of alarm reactions to feed formulation changes
● Develops positive psychological association between odour and feed to stimulate consumption

Species Feeding Rate ( grams / m.t.) Feeding Strategy*
Dairy Cow 300 - 500 Robot Pellets
Complete Feeds, Supplements
Calves 300 - 500 Starter Feeds
Piglets 300 - 500 Phase 1 & 2 Nursery Feeds

*Cibus 29 is a Red Fruit only flavor that is similar to the flavor profile as Cibus 21.