Why Choose FormX?

FormX is a liquid acidifier for livestock feed and feed ingredients. Developed using Formic acid, this feed acidifier is ideal for large livestock mills and automated handing.

In feed, the pKa value is an indication of an organic acids’ ability to reduce pH levels of feed, it is found that the lower the pKa value of an organic acid, the greater the effect on the desired outcome for a feed acidification program.

Lowering feed and/or ingredient pH below the growth range of pathogenic bacteria is an effective strategy for inhibiting the growth of acid-tolerant bacteria in feeds and feed ingredients.

FormX Overview

FormX offers a range of features and benefits, including:

  • Ideal for large feed mills and easy handling
  • FormX can improve the hygiene of the feed by inhibiting growth of acid intolerant bacteria
Species/Feed Type Feeding Rate (KG/M.T.) Feeding Strategy
Feed Ingredients 5-7 Application on Feed Ingredients

*Application within individual feeds can be achieved with FORMX, please consult Agribution for application rates.