Why Choose Mellis P+?

Mellis P+ is a taste enhancer and attractant designed for livestock and young animal feeds. Unlike other taste enhancers and attractants sourced, marketed, and delivered by Agribution, Mellis P+ is a sweetening additive for palatability enhancement.

Enhanced palatability positively impacts taste of feeds to strengthen the positive association between livestock or young animals and their feed.

Mellis P+ consists of a specialized blend of both natural and artificial sweeteners.

Mellis P+ Overview

Mellis P+ offers a range of features and benefits, including:

● Enhanced taste profile ideal for masking unpleasant tastes from medications, by-products and minerals
● Positively impacts taste and limits bitter aftertastes
● Develops positive psychological association between taste and feed to stimulate consumption

Species Feeding Rate ( gram / m.t.) Feeding Strategy
Piglets 150 Phase 1 & 2 Nursery Feeds
Calves 150 - 250 Starter Feeds