Why Choose Mellitus 300?

Mellitus 300 is a taste enhancer and attractant designed for young piglet and calf starter feeds. Unlike other taste enhancers and attractants sourced, marketed, and delivered by Agribution, Mellitus 300 delivers several aroma and taste components in one convenient product. This unique formulation allows nutrition professionals to replace one or two flavour, sweetenter, and aromatic additions with Mellitus 300.

With a unique and enticing Vanilla Flavour, Sweetener, and Attractants, Mellitus 300 results in a simple and effective sweetening and palate-enhancing addition to young piglet and calf starter feeds.

Mellitus 300 Overview

Mellitus 300 offers a range of features and benefits, including:

● Enhanced taste and attractiveness with a formulation including Vanilla Flavour, Sweetener, and Attractants
● Conveniently combines several aroma and taste components into a single product
● Develops positive psychological association between taste and feed to stimulate consumption in young piglets feeds and calf starter rations

Species/Feed Type Feeding Rate ( grams / m.t.) Feeding Strategy
Calves 500 Starter Pellet
Piglets 500 Phase 1 & 2 Nursery Feeds