Why Choose MicroProp 55?

When MicroProp 55 is added to feed and/or total mixed rations (TMR), it helps to keep the feed fresh. In the case of TMR’s, heating is a sign of silage depletion that can lead to lower feed consumption, decreased performance and health problems. It also contributes to a loss of energy and dry matter that can easily reach 2-3% in a short period of time – less than 24 hours.  This is a common problem with an economical solution.

MicroProp 55, a granular mold inhibitor, keeps rations fresh. This feed additive is recommended for use when weather conditions (hot temperatures and high humidity) are conducive to mold growth or when serving only one meal per day.

MicroProp 55 Overview

  • High Mold Inhibitor Activity
  • Easy to mix and apply – dry application format
  • High concentration of undissociated propionic acid
Feed Type Feeding Rate (KG/M.T.) Feeding Strategy
Complete Feeds 0.5 - 1.5 Lower rates can be used when trying to prevent mold growth
Complete Feeds 1.5 Use the highest rate when conditions are favourable for mold growth ie. warmer weather, longer storage periods
Total Mixed Rations (TMR) 1.0 - 3.0 Use during warm, hot weather, high humidity