Why Choose MooFAT P890?

MooFAT P890 is a free fatty acid-based palm fat ideal for high producing dairy cows. Its exclusive high percentage C16:0 (min. 89%) in combination with C18:1 allows dairy professionals meet the increased demands of the current dairy market.

MooFAT P890 is ideally suited for ‘in-mill’ use in order to help maximize the diet formulation.  MooFAT P890 is available in 650 kg totes.

MooFAT P890 Overview

MooFAT P890 offers a range of features and benefits, including:

● Available in a consistent micro-prill form
● Free fatty acids palm based fat for high-producing dairy cows
● Produced at a single source production site that is a dedicated GMP+ certified


Species Feeding Rate (grams / head / day) Feeding Strategy*
Dairy Cows 450-900 Early Lactation
Dairy Cows 450-650 Mid Lactation
Dairy Cows 450 Late Lactation

*Appropriate feeding rates depend on several factors including the type of dairy cow, level of dietary energy, as well as the amount of milk produced and the stage of lactation. Please consult your on farm nutrition consultant to establish feeding benefits.