Why Choose OmniGen?

OmniGen is a patented technology designed to support healthy immune function during periods of stress.

Backed by nearly two decades of extensive peer-reviewed research and field trials, OmniGen continues to provide producers with a tool to help manage stress in their dairy cows.

Research with OmniGen has demonstrated combined benefits of increased milk production, better overall health and improved reproductive performance when cows are fed OmniGen from dry-off to approximately 150 day in milk (DIM).

OmniGen Overview

  • Support healthy immune function during stress
  • Maintains immune competence
  • Improves nutrient metabolism
Species Feeding Rate (grams/head/day) Feeding Strategy
Lactation 56 150 DIM
Heat Stress, Health Challenges
Dry Cow 56 Dry-off thru pre-fresh
Calves 4 Calf Starter Feeds
Health Challenges, Diet Changes