Why Choose OptiCell?

OptiCell is a fibre concentrate based on insoluble, fermentable lignocellulose.  OptiCell offers a natural solution for monogastric diets that require formulation advantages to address the physiological needs of the animal.

Functional fibre helps to ensure the development of a healthy digestive system, regulating peristalsis, and promoting healthy microflora.  It is well documented that a well-functioning gut reduces animal stress, while optimizing performance and productivity.

With OptiCell, you can focus on basic digestive concepts with an innovative lignocellulose product that supports the physiological needs of animals and the challenges of performance-based feeding.

OptiCell – Fibre for a functional digestion…

OptiCell Overview

OptiCell offers several diet formulation advantages:

  • Available in two (2) particle formats to address premixes, supplements and/or complete feeds.
  • A flexible concentrated fibre source that allows you to formulate to the fibre strategy you prefer, while saving on overall diet space.
  • A source of insoluble, fermentable fibre.

How Does OptiCell Compare to Commonly Used Fibre Sources?

Sugar beet pulp8.318.963.747.416.3
Wheat bran16.013.461.257.93.4
Soybean hulls13.130.165.458.87.0
Oat hulls5.530.665.364.01.3

*CP = Crude protein, CF = Crude fibre, TDF = dietary fibre, iDF = insol. dietary fibre, sDF = sol. dietary fibre