Why Choose Phytovia Cotyl?

Phytovia Cotyl is a fenugreek seed extract designed as a multi-species palatability and appetite botanical that is 100% natural.

Phytovia Cotyl Overview

Phytovia Cotyl is a flavoring agent made from fenugreek cotyledon that is standardized in palatable compounds.

  • Can be incorporated into mineral feed, lick blocks, meal feed, pelleted or extruded feed for ruminants and monogastrics.
  • Improves feed attractiveness via powerful aromatic compounds, effective at low doses.


Species Feeding Rate Feeding Strategy
All Species 3 KG/M.T. Mineral Feed
Dairy/Beef Cattle 1.5 KG/M.T. Pelleted Feed
Dairy/Beef Cattle 1.5 KG/M.T. Total Mixed Ration (TMR)
Lactating Sows 2 KG/M.T. Total Mixed Ration (TMR)
Horses 1.5 KG/M.T. Pelleted Feed
Poultry 1.5 - 3 KG/M.T. Pelleted Feed