Why Choose Polyacide?

Polyacide is an acidifier for livestock and poultry drinking water. As a key nutrient in the production of swine, poultry, and laying hen production, water is an essential part of poultry and livestock’s lifecycle.

Consumed at twice the rate of feed, water is vital for healthy digestion, body temperature regulation, and nutrient transportation. High-quality water contributes to the health of livestock, and Polyacide is designed to help increase the overall caliber of the water.

Polyacide contains a mixture of both inorganic and organic acids to decrease the pH of water.

Polyacide Overview

Polyacide offers a range of features and benefits, including:

  • Contains organic acids with specific roles and modes of action
  • Polyacide reduces calcareous water deposits while reducing biofilm formation in water lines
  • A valuable addition for both animals and your water system
  • Improves water quality for enhanced animal performance
Species Suggested pH Range* Application Strategy
Piglets pH 4.0 0-21 post weaning
Piglets pH 6.0 21-49 post weaning
Broilers pH 4.0 0-24d
AB Reduction program
Broilers pH 6.0 >25d to market
AB Reduction program
Broilers pH 6.0 0d to market
Ongoing Water Application
Layers pH 5.5 - 6.0 Pre Laying -
Ongoing Water Application

*For optimum results and economical return on water acidification with Polyacide, a water titration analysis with Polyacide or another acid source will provide accurate application strategies. Agribution can perform this titration within our lab.