Why Choose SoyAVance?

SoyAVance is a modified soy protein concentrate ingredient that is ideally suited for young livestock diets.  SoyAVance is a medium to low viscosity protein recommended for use in dry and semidry feed rations.

SoyAVance offers great value compared to other high protein (%) ingredients used for starter feeds.   SoyAVance is high in protein and rich in amino acids.

SoyAVance Overview:

SoyAVance offers a range of features and benefits for diet formulation:

  • Finely ground, consistent particle size.
  • Offers lower inclusion rates compared to other soy proteins,
  • Min. 65% crude protein
  • Replace high quality fishmeal or commonly used soy proteins, save on diet cost and diet space.
Species Feeding Rate (% of total diet) Feeding Strategy
Piglets 5.0 -7.5 Phase 1 & 2
Weaning - 8 KG Body Weight
Piglets 1.0 - 2.5 Phase 3
8 - 12 KG Body Weight
Calves 2.5 - 5.0 Starter Feeds

*The above feeding rates are simple guidelines, please contact your nutrition consultant to see the full benefit of formulating diets with SoyAVance. A full specification sheet is available upon request.