SoyAVance SPC

Why Choose SoyAVance? SoyAVance is a modified soy protein concentrate ingredient that is ideally suited for young livestock diets.  SoyAVance is a medium to low…
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Why Choose FxP-G? FxP-G is a whey protein concentrate that is suitable as a functional protein replacement in nursery pig diets.

Phytovia Cotyl

Why Choose Phytovia Cotyl? Phytovia Cotyl is a fenugreek seed extract designed as a multi-species palatability and appetite botanical that is 100% natural. Phytovia Cotyl…
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MicroProp 55

Why Choose MicroProp 55? When MicroProp 55 is added to feed and/or total mixed rations (TMR), it helps to keep the feed fresh. In the…
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Why Choose OptiCell? OptiCell is a fibre concentrate based on insoluble, fermentable lignocellulose.  OptiCell offers a natural solution for monogastric diets that require formulation advantages…
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